Jul. 28, 2015



It was evening; he was gone off with his mom and brother who had invited themselves down so she could take over my kitchen and his brother with his negative energies throwing out his snarky comments left and right. Steve, a distant relative came over to visit. We were high on our newspaper hats that we had made. I was dancing around the room in my creation with the stereo blasting Earth Wind and Fire. I was on fire.

The phone rang. It was my brother. He had heard that I was staying home for Christmas because I was too unhappy to celebrate. He invited me to his home in L.A. I was in San Diego.

In the midst of my laughter, still wearing my hat, I packed a few things, the most important of which was my typewriter- this was 1979 and that is all that I had. Then with no further ado I headed out the door and threw my baggage in the car with Steve following me around like a lost puppy trying to slow me down but helpless to change my mind about leaving.

I was off into the night hoping that I had enough gas to make it to L.A. This was the height of the gasoline restrictions.

I landed at my brother’s door that night and that was that for my marriage. Just like that.

Sometimes there is only one way to do things. Why drag things out any longer?

By the way, after all the legalities and years later, he and I are still friends at a distance. I have never married again. Marriage is of the heart and I don’t need a paper to tell me I am married to someone or not. We still have our hearts in love so I imagine I am still married on that level.

As for other possible relationships, there is always a reason that things don’t work out. God has good reasons for nudging us in and out of relationships. If it is broken, let it go. Be happy now.